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There are not too many surprises in the line-ups of the two sides, both of which are line-ups frequently used in the regular season. In the regular season, both sides won one team match and won their own home court. However, according to the rules of the playoffs, it is necessary to count

There are not too many surprises in the line-ups of the two sides, both of which are line-ups frequently used in the regular season. In the regular season, both sides won one team match and won their own home court. However, according to the rules of the playoffs, it is necessary to count the small points of the head, so some people looked at the small points of the two team battles in the regular season, and found that the final scores of the two games were exactly the same. The previous record is even less valuable, because both teams had a big adjustment last summer. And this is the only season's record. It seems that the factors affecting the victory or defeat are only the home advantage. The home court is the Weicao team. As a result, they won the competition with the advantage of one person's head points, but from the process of the competition, no one can say how much the advantage of the home court's map selection affects. Next is the team competition. Although the essence of Weicao's double treatment replacement tactics is no longer there, which profession to use can still show their attitude towards this game to a certain extent. Priest, main attack. The guardian angel Lord defends, this field priest goes to battle, the micro grass assault team will play obviously more aggressively, as soon as the opening,pallet rack shelving, they display very positively. But in the micro map team. Han Wenqing, Zhang Jiale, Lin Jingye and Zhang Xinjie all had direct experience with Fang Shiqian. And quite a few. No one in the league is more familiar with the Weicao team than they are. But and the alchemist modest contest of them, and then feel the change controlled by yuan Baiqing, four people can only regret to feel: this is really not a level. Fang Shiqian is known as the God of healing, but in fact his ability makes people forget that he is a healer. His healing profession plays a more difficult role in attack and defense on the court. yuan Baiqing,automated warehouse systems, on the other hand, has done a good job in both using priests and guardian angels, but what impresses people most is his job of treatment. This is the gap between him and Fang Shiqian, and it is also the reason why he has mastered this specious way of playing. Several veterans of Batu seem to be very clear about this. Treat yuan Baiqing, they only when this is an ordinary treatment profession, they did not guard against him in the auxiliary aspects of Fang Shiqian as uncomfortable ability. The experience of the veterans helped them make a judgment. Experience is a very valuable thing, and it is also the most proud wealth of the veteran. However, experience can sometimes be harmful, because experience sometimes becomes old. Such experience is inappropriate, and the judgment made on this basis will inevitably lead to deviations. There was a deviation in the judgment of the Batu veterans this time. Pastor yuan Baiqing's assistance actually made them feel uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that they even recalled the scene when they fought with Fang Shiqian at that time. Has this player grown up to this point? The veterans of Batu were shocked to see the glory of the God of healing in the past from yuan Baiqing's winter grass and summer grass. This is an oversight, and such an oversight will eventually come back to pay the price. In the team competition, metal racking systems ,shuttle rack system, Weicao wins. As for the head points, that is not important, has won the victory of the arena Weicao, no need to calculate the head points, has completely won the first game. Batu team's voice to win the championship is really high, but the defeat in the hands of the Weicao team is really hard to say that it is a cold door. At the press conference after the game, the veterans of the Batu players seemed to be in a fairly stable mood. Weicao played very well. Always say the polite words. Everyone, every season, will have a lot of growth, some are noticed, and some are ignored. There are no words of naming names, but in fact, it is already a self-criticism. Weicao's team is line-ups this season, and it is really full of growth. Gao Yingjie and Xu Bin were both selected as All-Star line-ups for the first time, and their growth is needless to say. In addition, Liu Xiaobie is no longer the brainless player who can only rely on hand speed, and he is only one step away from the All-Star line-ups. In these obvious growth atmosphere, yuan Baiqing was ignored. Unconsciously, had he mastered the secret key of Fang Shiqian, who was called the God of healing? "Everyone played very well in this game, but yuan Baiqing's performance was the key to our victory. His excellent performance in assisting made the other side fall into a passive position. He guided the victory of this game." When Weicao attended the press conference, captain Wang Jiexi made no secret of his praise for yuan Baiqing. This is really an outbreak that no one expected before the game. People are more willing to stare at those famous gods and those players who have made eye-catching performances before. Qin Muyun is the fifth to be ignored silently, and yuan Baiqing is often not. In the end, the game was decided by such a figure who was neglected at the beginning, and the discussion about him lasted all night. Then on the second day of the game, it was simply the opposite of the game between Weicao and Batu. Decide the victory or defeat of this game, that is, from the beginning, people have been concerned about, everyone is looking forward to the great God player. Zhou Zekai, or Zhou Zekai. This extremely silent and introverted player outside the court has become an unsolvable existence on the court. Everyone knows to take him seriously, everyone is trying to deal with him, and all the teams are making various arrangements against him. But it's no use. He is so invincible on the court. The whistling team has shown great momentum this season, and their ace, Tang Hao, is also a fearless person who dares to confidently say such words as "below the top" in the Rookie Challenge. But they lost. At home, whistling was defeated by reincarnation. There are not many tactical details to be analyzed. There is only one reason for the victory of reincarnation and the failure of whistling. No solution. Zhou Zekai has no solution. The player who wants to defeat him is defeated by him. He tried to limit his tactics,push back racking system, and the result was that he was tied down. Such a failure really made him lose his temper at all. At the press conference after the match, captain Tang Hao said only one sentence: "We will win the next game." This is determination, this is attitude. kingmoreracking.com

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