Little Lucky Star of the 1970's Koi Fish [Entry]

Old Mrs. Chen was so clever now that she kept praising her girl: "You're right. I'll leave the matter of the fish fry to you. You can see what else you can do at home." Chen Xiaofeng turned around near her home and saw that the pond was really good, about the same s

Old Mrs. Chen was so clever now that she kept praising her girl: "You're right. I'll leave the matter of the fish fry to you. You can see what else you can do at home." Chen Xiaofeng turned around near her home and saw that the pond was really good, about the same size as the private plot, and the water quality looked good. It can raise fish. Chen Xiaofeng is a cultural person in the family, she said so, of course, Mrs. Chen was happy, clamoring for Chen Xiaofeng to get fish fry to feed next spring, so that she could often eat fish next year. The children were washing sweet potatoes on the edge of the pond. Although their little hands were red with cold, they never got tired of it. Even the youngest Mao Dan and Aini went to battle. These sweet potatoes should be washed out and processed into sweet potato powder. Everyone has tasted the taste of sweet potato powder. Last year, the old lady rushed to make dozens of catties fresh. She brought some to Chen Xiaofeng and left some at home. Even if it was cooked to eat, the taste was enough, and it would not go bad for a whole year. Just now the old lady and Xiao Min were discussing this matter, and the children heard it. These days, there happened to be people doing processing in the village. They asked the old lady for instructions and began to wash sweet potatoes. Mrs. Chen was beside them to help move them. When the children finished washing, she poured baskets of sweet potatoes on the car. In such a cold day, the children were very angry and did not shout cold and tired. The washed sweet potatoes were piled on the cart, and it was not easy to wash out six hundred catties, and the children's hands were red with cold. Chen Xiaofeng sighed with emotion: "The children at home are really very diligent. Think about our childhood." She was very lazy when she was a child. But with Chen Xiaofeng's glorious image in the old lady's mind,metal racking systems, the unbearable things she did when she was a child were all cinnabar moles in the old lady's eyes: "You were bitter when you were a child. How can you have a good life now? In a few years, you will eat fine food every meal. Look at these little bastards. Mao Dan, you squat up for me. Shanny, you squat well. Don't fall down for me." The water in the pond is cold! Heard that this year to make sweet potato powder, the children have been looking forward to a good taste, not afraid of the cold, squatting in the water to imagine a better life,heavy duty cantilever racks, but also plans to wait to make a snowman. Wrapped up and still feeling cold and flustered, Guobao was placed on a bamboo chair. She was now seven months old and could almost sit still. Cotton cushions were stuffed around the bamboo chair. She was breathing in the palm of her hand, trying to rub her hand to warm it up. In such cold weather, it was fine when adults were holding her. She could not bear it sitting like this. The old lady saw that her granddaughter was a little shivering with cold. She picked up the child. Now she weighs eighteen catties. With this thick cotton-padded jacket, the old lady could hardly hold her. Look at the beauty of this child. Other children have become ugly in such cold weather. Look at her little face. Old Mrs. Chen couldn't help but be overjoyed when she talked about her granddaughter. Chen Xiaofeng ran to the pond and joined the children's camp of washing sweet potatoes. She felt that the water seemed to be geothermal, not very cold. No wonder these children did not cry. There were geothermal springs in this area, but the geothermal springs were far away, and they would carry their clothes there at home. Sweet potatoes were too heavy to be solved at home. Old Mrs. Chen calculated an account, this year his family got seven hundred catties of sweet potatoes, the team also divided a hundred catties, a total of eight hundred catties, this year is really a bumper harvest ah. It is enough to keep more than two hundred catties of sweet potatoes to eat and make seeds. Now there is no shortage of food at home. There is no need to be like in the early years. When it comes to the day of harvesting sweet potatoes, the family eats sweet potatoes endlessly. Sometimes even adults can't bear such two meals a day. After all, industrial racking systems ,medium duty racking, this thing has no oil and water, and it also has heartburn. This year, more than 500 catties of sweet potatoes were made into sweet potato powder, which was more than 100 catties. Some of the sweet potato powder was given to Chen Xiaofeng, and some of it was sent to her parents by three daughters-in-law. After all, it was decent for the daughters-in-law to go back to their parents. The remaining 100 catties were left for themselves to eat, and the rest were sold. It is said that the sweet potato powder made here can be sold at a price of meat in the city. A catty of 80 cents can be sold, if so, this time the family can exchange dozens of yuan, and when the family is separated, the sons can also share more. Think people really need to revitalize to live well ah, sweet potatoes such coarse grains of course can not afford to sell, but made into fine sweet potato powder, the value can be doubled. Of course, the market is to find Xiao Jun to give, when the time comes to thank him, this year's team's sweet potato harvest, Mrs. Chen privately found neighbors and collected thousands of catties, when the time comes to make sweet potato powder to sell together. As for next year, we can still raise some fish in this pond. When the time comes, we will not divide the fish. Whether we sell it or on New Year's Day, we will divide it equally according to the household. This pond is also dug out by the big guys, and the fish pond will still belong to the public. It's good to be able to plant lotus pods next year, and then there will be one more dish. It's a good day. There is also a family nearby that washes sweet potatoes here. Because of the bumper harvest, there are many people who want to make sweet potato powder this year. Sweet potatoes have to be washed out first. Does aunt's family also want to make sweet potato powder? Asked the young woman opposite. Do it, do it, this year's sweet potato harvest is more, the team also sent more, do a little more sweet potato powder to keep. Life has improved, and it is nothing to eat refined grain every meal in the future. The young woman said, "The life of my aunt's family is getting better and better now. This pond will be better when the mud on the edge of the pond is cleared at the beginning of next spring. In summer, you can still see lotus flowers and eat lotus pods." "You can't plant it until spring. I'll invite you to eat the lotus pods." "Auntie is really polite. It's much more convenient for your family to clean up the pond. The water here is warmer than the stream." Stream water is living water, this season is really cool to the bone, because the pond has geothermal heat, it feels normal temperature, washing clothes and so on do not feel too cold, sometimes wash here, and then take it to the stream where it is finished. After the Chen family cleaned up the pond, it was more convenient to wash things, and the people living around it were also more convenient, but no one said anything bad,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, on the contrary, they all said that it was a good job, but only a strong and laborious family like the Chen family dared to contract such a big project.

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