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"Brother Qin, I'm really sorry. My power is limited. I really can't help you. I'm really sorry." Lin Chong felt sorry again and again. His brother's friend would certainly help him if he could. Then he took out three elixirs from his bosom and said, &qu

"Brother Qin, I'm really sorry. My power is limited. I really can't help you. I'm really sorry." Lin Chong felt sorry again and again. His brother's friend would certainly help him if he could. Then he took out three elixirs from his bosom and said, "Brother Qin, these are three Taiji elixirs. They can consolidate cultivation and enhance True Qi. Take them." It could be seen that the Lin brothers were all enthusiastic people. Qin Tian was slightly moved and wanted to refuse, but he looked at Lin Chong with a guilty look in his eyes and said with a smile, "Thank you, Brother Lin." Seeing that Qin Tian took the'Tai Chi Magic Pill, 'Lin Chong gave a hearty smile and said, "Then we'll go first." "Well, I'll see you later." Qin Tian smiled, then looked at the people around him and sighed softly. Every day, there are many people from Shengzong gathered here. They choose their disciples here, just like buying vegetables in the vegetable market. Good vegetables are picked first. Great saints like Qin Tian from Tianyuan Mainland are the most unpopular. No one will choose a disciple without gifted blood. In the holy world, there is no talent blood, you can judge a person's strength, no matter how strong it is. In the vast holy world, Qin Tian, who was not familiar with the place, had no place to go. He looked at a flag fluttering in the wind not far away. On the flag was written'King Wu Shengzong ', which was very domineering. Qin Tian went up and saw a strong man frowning and shouting: "Where are you from?"? Inherit what blood? Qin Tian looked at all the other places, but there was no one here. He thought to himself that'King Wu Shengzong 'was an inferior Shengzong who should be able to go in. Listening to the strong man's shouts,Mechanical fine screen, he felt uncomfortable immediately. He was forced to put on a smile. He made up his mind that if he couldn't do it, he would do a casual practice. So he said, "I come from the mainland of Tianyuan, and I have no blood inheritance." When the strong man heard this, he immediately became angry. Does the waste from Tianyuan mainland dare to disturb this uncle? Get out! If you don't get out, I'll beat you to a pulp with one punch. Everyone burst out laughing. When the big fellow on the metal life saw that Lin Tian had already left, he walked to Qin Tian's side with a disdainful face. He pushed Qin Tian heavily on the shoulder and said, "Boy,fine bubble diffuser, wasn't it quite horizontal just now?" "The waste from Tianyuan Mainland also wants to join Shengzong. Don't dream about it." "Ha ha." Qin Tian did not go to hide, the big fellow pushed, he took a few steps back, did not look at the big fellow. People and places are not familiar, surrounded by powerful saints, masters like clouds, before not clear the situation, Qin Tian did not want to kill. Therefore, Qin Tian didn't want to cause trouble and made a detour to avoid the big fellow. One step back for him, one step forward for him. The big fellow saw that Qin Tian's weak expression was even more sarcastic. He stopped Qin Tian again and pushed him heavily on the shoulder. He laughed and said, "Waste, kneel down and beg me. I will take you into the Holy Sect. I will inherit the blood of the golden python. It is absolutely no problem to bring a grandson into the Holy Sect." "Good dogs stay out of the way." Qin Tian said lightly, but this time he did not make a detour again, but stared coldly at the big fellow. Yin Han's sharp eyes made the big fellow feel cold in his heart. His face changed slightly. The blood of the golden python in his body burst out. He shouted angrily, multi disc screw press ,lamella clarifer, "Lao Tzu is tired of seeing you live. You dare to be arrogant in front of Lao Tzu as a waste. Do you believe that Lao Tzu will let you go to the West with one hand?" "Try to say'waste 'again." Qin Tian is still light, even just cold eyes are put away, the whole body without the slightest breath, as if with an ordinary person in general. The big fellow was very upset. Pointing to Qin Tian's nose, he said, "Waste, waste, waste, waste from Tianyuan Mainland. What's wrong with your waste?"? You are a loser, and you still want to fight with me, which is beyond your ability. "Oh." Qin Tian smiled coldly at the corners of his mouth, and his whole body suddenly changed into a magic sword, which did not stop at all and split in the air. Boom! Second kill! The big fellow was split in half, and there was no room for backhand. Everything happened in a flash of lightning, Qin Tian's speed is too fast, so fast that people are dazzled. Qin Tian was also slightly stupefied and secretly said in his heart, "I didn't expect that after the upgrade of the amazing sword, it was so fast that it was more than doubled." The whole audience crashed. Staring at Qin Tian in a daze, as if staring at a monster. All the people on the field were shocked by Qin Tian, and the magnificent sword was so powerful that it directly killed the mighty saint. "Hello," "Who is that? Wait a minute. Join my Emperor Wu Shengzong and become an inner disciple directly." "Join my Holy Sword Sect and become the Elder of the Outer Gate directly." …… The strong man who began to refuse Qin Tian immediately ran down. He was completely shocked by Qin Tian's sword. Even if he had no talent, he was a very powerful existence. With such a disciple, King Wu Shengzong was bound to rise. Not only him, but all the other leaders of the Holy Sect ran down. Not interested. Qin Tian refused directly, such a holy shit is not, to join is just a waste of time, it is better to practice alone, perhaps a little faster, is not a school, Lao Tzu or suzerain. See through these, Qin Tian also does not want to stay again, want to leave directly. Who "Who dares to kill in the territory of King Lieyang?" "Whoosh, whoosh," Two lines of guards in armor with neat footsteps, emitting a pressing breath, rushed over, their armor was all semi-artifact level, with a scorching sun printed in the center, flashing golden light from time to time, the people of the fierce sky continent were very familiar with the scorching sun, and were in great awe of the owner of the scorching sun. The bodyguard who rushed out surrounded Qin Tian in an instant, and the surroundings were depressed in an instant, showing a chill breath. A man riding an adult saber-toothed tiger who looked like a bodyguard more than twenty feet tall came up. He pointed his pike at Qin Tian's forehead with a sharp point. "Did you kill someone just now?" He shouted majestically. The two columns of bodyguards are all Dzogchen peak realm, bodyguard commander is even better, the strength is unfathomable, even the head of the fire saber-toothed tiger has reached the holy realm, Qin Tian heart a shock,Belt Filter Press, the holy world is really unusual, even the small bodyguard is Dzogchen peak strong. Qin Tian had not yet spoken, and those who had wanted to solicit him immediately retreated weakly. I can see that they are very afraid of this patrol team.

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