The strongest abandons less

Chengji was so happy that he knew there was candy to eat and a wooden horse to play with. When he left, he didn't even look back. The Crown Princess leaned against the gate of the palace and watched the child go out of the gate of the East Palace. She covered her face with a veil and

Pan Dongbin's happy mood was broken again, and he stood up angrily. If he hadn't gone down to get the luminous pearl, he might have been angry immediately. Because today was the second time, his good mood was shocked by a rush of footsteps. Perhaps it had something to do with what he was doing, or perhaps it had something to do with his present position, and he was more and more afraid of being disturbed by some unexpected factors. For example, the sudden ringing of the telephone, the rapid footsteps coming to him, which he did not like. So the place where he rested was quiet, and no one could affect his mood. But after seeing the man, Pan immediately dissipated his anger, sat down again, and changed a gentle expression. It was his niece Pan Caifeng who came in. Although Pan Caifeng is his niece, he looks at Pan Caifeng differently, not only because of her niece, but more importantly, Pan Caifeng's status is not lower than him, or higher than him, because of her master. Caifeng, why are you in such a hurry? Didn't your master say that he would come in the evening? Come and have a cup of tea. Pan Dongbin finished with a smile and was already pouring tea for his niece. Pan Caifeng was not polite. She sat down directly,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, but said with a dignified expression, "Uncle Bin, Pan Di's cousin was maimed today.". Now in the hospital, the doctor said that his ears might be deaf, and his face was disfigured and his teeth were broken. "What?" Pan Dongbin could no longer keep that kind of calm and natural, suddenly stood up, but his face was covered with a layer of hostility. Thinking of his only son being maimed, Pan Dongbin's face became more and more ferocious. Who is it? Who on earth had eaten the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard and dared to provoke Pan Dongbin? Who was it? Where is he? Pan Dongbin asked with a livid face. In his opinion,L Methylfolate Factory, since the niece came to say this, the murderer must have been controlled by his people. Even if not caught, it is also a matter of a moment, in Ninghai, he wants to catch a person as long as a word. In Pan Dongbin's heart, he had already chopped the man who had beaten his son into a pile of flesh and blood. Pan Caifeng still said solemnly, "Uncle Bin, sit down first. It seems that this matter is not so simple.". At that time, after I went there, I felt that compared with my strength, the difference was too far, and even I had a feeling of panic in my heart, and I didn't dare to do it. But I know it's not over. When I say it's not over, I don't mean that we're going to find him, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but that he's going to find us again. Pan Dongbin stared at Pan Caifeng with big eyes. To be honest, he couldn't believe that what he had just said was said by Pan Caifeng, who always liked to speak with strength. And she also said that the other side will also find the'Treasure Snake Hall ', is it that the'Treasure Snake Hall' has been too low-key? (To be continued) Chapter 790 bait "Do you think he dared to take the initiative to find me before we looked for him?" After a long time, Pan Dongbin reconfirmed the question. Pan Caifeng nodded and said, "I don't dare, but I'm sure I'll come.". The reason why he didn't talk to me at that time was that he had just found his daughter, and I asked around. Pan Dongbin's face darkened, and at the same time his excitement calmed down. Niece's ability, he is very clear, even his niece is not the enemy of the people, needless to say, the skill is absolutely powerful. It's a joke that this kind of person should be arrested by the police. How old is he? Even you are not his opponent, is it already the yellow level for the late repair? Pan Dongbin's words came to his senses, and although the anger was still in his heart, he had to find out the details of his opponent. Pan Caifeng already knew from Pan Dongbin's words that her uncle had regained his reason and calmness. Still a little frightened, he said, "He looked more than twenty years old and less than thirty years old. He cut off the soles of my shoes without my noticing.". I'm sure if he had cut off my foot, I wouldn't have been able to keep it. His cultivation is definitely not the yellow level, it should have reached the Xuanji level. ” "So good?" Pan Dongbin's heart has begun to chill, offending a Xuanji master is not a joke. Although his'Treasure Snake Hall 'is not small, and it is unswerving here, it is possible for any Xuan-level warrior to strangle them. Moreover, the legal consciousness in the eyes of those who practice ancient martial arts is very weak, which is even weaker than that of those who mix black and white. Once this kind of person comes to strangle the'Treasure Snake Hall '. Even if the country sends people, it will be too late. However, if he is on guard, even if the other side is a Xuan-level warrior, he may not be able to eat his'Treasure Snake Hall '. But the same, to take the initiative to destroy the other side, he does not have the strength. Pan Dongbin gasped. He didn't expect to offend such a cruel man casually. No wonder he is always a little restless today. But this is the kind of thing. Do not say that others want to retaliate, just say that his son was beaten and disabled, is this matter so let it go? Uncle Bin, you don't have to worry too much. After all, his cultivation is my guess. You should know that there are very few Xuan-level warriors under the age of 30. Besides, even if he is a metaphysical warrior, the'Treasure Snake Hall 'is not necessarily afraid. Pan Caifeng could see Pan Dongbin's worries. Take the initiative to say. Pan Dongbin nodded, "I am not afraid, although I'Treasure Snake Hall 'no Xuanji master, but it is not a decoration.". Now I have a guard, if he dares to come to the'Treasure Snake Hall ', I am sure he will never come back, at most I lost a few brothers. I'm afraid if he doesn't come, it will be much more difficult for us to catch him. Pan Caifeng hesitated for a moment but said, "My master will come in the evening, and I have received the news.". Master has rushed into the prefectural level. "Caifeng,Thyroid Powder Factory, is your master really at the prefecture level?" Pan Dongbin stood up in surprise, if let Caifeng's master to deal with this arrogant young man, where does he need to worry about the "Treasure Snake Hall".


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