The seat of the sixth God

Chengji was so happy that he knew there was candy to eat and a wooden horse to play with. When he left, he didn't even look back. The Crown Princess leaned against the gate of the palace and watched the child go out of the gate of the East Palace. She covered her face with a veil and

A soul amulet was moved, naturally, the construction of the soul amulet array will be triggered, but the soul amulets in this soul amUlet array have their own role, and in many of the composition of the soul, but there is a keyhole, touch will not trigger the soul Amulet array, and from the tail of the outer disk, the beginning of the Soul Amulet Array is not complicated, at most three or five soul amuglets constitute a burst. The probability of a wrong solution is really small. The first soul amulet small array, easy to untie, array method was not touched, Yang Ye naturally proudly turned his head, took a look at Kunlun, and then continued to untie the next soul amulet array, successively, has untied seven or eight soul amulets array, and the old turtle guard also paused. What's the matter? "It's a knot. The design is very skillful. I haven't encountered this kind of arrangement before. It seems to add some trouble to people and make the change more complicated. The eye of the array is also covered by the method of the actual situation. I have to try it to understand this arrangement method!" "Will it touch the soul amulet?" Yang Ye asked carefully. The number of five! But if you can untie this eye smoothly, then the solution will be much smoother! Yang Ye Wen Yan, also understood the idea of guarding, guarding this old guy is the old turtle of the soul master level, but after all, he was locked up in the secret land of Icewind Valley for thousands of years, isolated from the outside world, and the mainland is experiencing the catastrophe of the orc invasion, civilization is equal to re-establishment, and although the two civilizations are connected, but a lot of things have become different. The uncertainty of the old turtle is also reasonable. Five-five, spell it! At this time, Yang Ye also had no way out. He gritted his teeth and made a decision directly. Then he turned his head and said to Kunlun, Thunder and others: "There may be some danger next. You should step back so as not to be affected!" "If you really want to do this,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, your strength is not inferior, but the attack of the soul amulet array is not so easy to carry!" Kunlun looked at Yang Ye's expression and reminded him again. Not easy to carry, but the first layer of the soul amulet array, should not let people carry, but also may not fail! Aren't you going to the back? Kunlun did not speak, but held the double knife in front of his chest, ignoring Yang Ye, Yang Ye looked at the same silent guy, knew each other's thoughts in his heart, and did not say much, began to move the soul amulet array,D BHB Factory, click, the soul amulet just moved, immediately issued a sound of machine. The mechanism has been touched! Yang Ye almost subconsciously thought of this, and in the next second that Yang Ye thought of, Yang Ye stood in the position of the bricks and stones laid on the ground suddenly sprayed out a flaming flame, and in this flame, a layer of dust on the bricks and stones was also flying, revealing the complex lines on the ground, and this flaming flame is the sea of fire ignited by the soul array. Flames quickly engulfed the surrounding air, hot air waves rolling, beating flames illuminated the whole tunnel, so that people who had retreated several feet away witnessed Yang Ye and Kunlun standing in front of the broken dragon stone, bathed in the flames. Captain! "What are you calling for? I'm not dead yet. Stay where you are. I'm all right!" Yang Ye's body was looming in the flames, but when the flames jumped up, Yang Ye breathed a sigh of relief. It was just some flames, but he couldn't help it. The fog of black inflammation on his body directly shielded the burning of the flames. He turned his head and looked at Kunlun, only to see a layer of rotating wind around Kunlun. The guardian of the wind, the burning flame is swept away by the wind, although in it, still can feel the temperature of the flame, but also can not help him. Yang Ye soon put his mind again in front of the blue dragon plate lock array, the old turtle this try, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, although it touched the mechanism, but it has some understanding of the blue dragon plate lock array, immediately guiding Yang Ye to continue to break the array, seems to have found some orifices, soon the first layer of the array eyes were broken, the sea of fire gradually extinguished, and Yang Ye did not stop half a minute, all the way through five passes, cut six One after another to crack open the green dragon disk lock symbol array. To the second ring of hidden keyhole, the old turtle made a judgment directly, and fortunately, did not trigger the mechanism, and the keyhole is increasing every layer, the second layer of two keyholes, the third layer of three, although after touching a mechanism, but also a near miss, and all the way down, the old turtle guard is also some experience, all the way directly cracked to the end. And the center of the sun and moon lock, also under the guidance of the old turtle, with a click, split apart, which is enough to let people spend three months to lift the blue dragon plate lock array, less than an hour, was Yang Ye almost violent crack open, and look at the side of Kunlun is also a burst of stunned. Chapter 111 war arsenals. "This..!" Kunlun stare big eyes, obviously some can not believe, but he is motionless, eyes also do not blink looking at Yang Ye break this green dragon plate lock amulet array, and he is not the kind of person who does not understand, anyhow he also has a low-level soul amulet division, even through the level of the middle-level soul amulet division. But he is really hard to understand, Yang Ye from the beginning of the performance, is absolutely a green novice, and every step is very careful, very careful, but as the crack continues, should have been more and more difficult, the longer the time spent on the symbol array, but instead was easily broken, and the process, he did not react, but after the aftertaste, But there is a sense of sudden enlightenment. There is a gap, to see the means of Yang Ye superb, Kunlun even as Yang Ye said before, a little regret, broken dragon stone in the organ driven, click, click up, although the tunnel to do a lot of settings, but did not design a dead end, and obviously, the imperial architect also did not expect, Someone will be able to break the seven-layer blue dragon plate lock array so easily. As soon as the dragon stone opened, suddenly more than one hundred men and some even sobbed to cry out, no one is not afraid of death, thought so finished, but did not expect to be surrounded by tribes, unexpectedly still found a way of hope, and for Yang Ye, these soldiers have almost completely fallen for it. Men in the army do not have so many flower intestines, they believe in the strong, respect the strong, heavy love heavy righteousness, today they can live,Heme Iron Polypeptide, all thanks to Yang Ye, such a great favor, let them hard to return.


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