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Chengji was so happy that he knew there was candy to eat and a wooden horse to play with. When he left, he didn't even look back. The Crown Princess leaned against the gate of the palace and watched the child go out of the gate of the East Palace. She covered her face with a veil and

Five people with weapons in their hands got out of the car one after another. Only then did they know what kind of pressure Bai Ze had been under. The skull was almost flattened, the internal organs were crowded together, almost breathless, and everyone tasted the smell of blood in their mouths. They are even only on the periphery of the pressure, while Bai Ze is in the center of the pressure. What they don't know is that because Bai Ze has shouldered most of the pressure, they can stand here intact. Close to the distance, they saw the situation of Bai Ze now, and in front of him, the space gap that was strongly expanded outward. Master Ze, let me help you! Yun Shengbai walked forward under pressure, no longer holding a gun in his hand, but holding a folding fan painted with a red plum. The sharp snowflakes cut the handsome face and combat uniform, but he did not stop. He was surrounded by a sizzling silver-blue electric awn, which spread into the air, and no snowflakes could get close to him. The remaining four followed him, staring in other directions separately-a large number of NPCs were gathering maliciously on this side. Hey, hey, hey, do you take yourself seriously? The arrogant voice of the Lord God sounded again, but this time, it was as clear as if it was attached to the ear. Ah Guan Ju was caught off guard by a force suddenly pushed far away, long knife out of hand, the whole person fell on the snow,Theobromine Powder, the palm instantly rubbed blood dripping. The force of the escape hit her back, and she covered her chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. Sweetheart! She heard several overlapping, heart-rending shouts. At this moment, her heart seemed to stop beating, and her blood was frozen by the lower and lower temperature. She didn't even feel the pain, just numbness. …… Ha.. "Ha.." “…… Second Master.. Run Hurry up She heard the familiar voice, which was struggling to breathe out a slurred breath and make a dying call. Her mind went blank, tears filled her eyes without warning,Quillaja Saponin, and she turned her head slowly and with difficulty. A harsh scarlet burst into the eyes. The sweet little baby fell on the snow and lost his vigorous vitality in his burning eyes. Chest with a long dark knife, under the body gathered a large pool of bright red blood, is spreading around. A man dressed in black stood beside him, his foot on the belly of the sweet little baby, his pale hand on the handle of the black knife, gently gouging out, blood spattering. The knife was snatched from Guan Ju's hand. The target of the man in black was originally Guan Ju. Sweetheart little baby at the critical moment, mercilessly pushed Guan Ju away. So the man in black slowly grabbed the knife, plunged it into the heart of the sweet little baby, and trampled him under his feet. The man in black appeared so suddenly, so quickly, that no one could react to it. Except for the sweet little baby closest to Guan Ju. The face of the man in black was hidden under his cloak, but Guan Ju heard his laughter. Pride, disdain, contempt. Whoo. Sweetheart. Sweetheart.. "You won't.." It's gonna be okay.. Whoo.. Guan Ju suddenly lost his soul, staring at the sweet little baby lying on the snow, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, hands on the snow, will climb to the sweet little baby side. How could sweetheart die. It's just a serious injury. The Lord God lifted his cloak, revealing a face full of hostility. His pale golden eyes rolled slightly, looking at Guan Ju with interest, like some kind of large cold-blooded animal, looking at the prey lightly, cold, cold, bloodthirsty. Master, wake up! Cloud sound white anxiously shouted, suddenly a move, countless fan bones with electric light shot out of the fan, like an electric blade, shot at the main God. The main God slanted up one side of his mouth, raised his hand and waved it gently, and an invisible force slammed into Yunsheng's white chest, carrying him several meters away. Jing Ke, who was near him, was not spared. He fell to his knees in the aftermath, and the corners of his mouth quickly spilled a few lines of blood. I have said that what I can give you, I can take back naturally. He gently hooked his fingers, and strands of silver-blue lightning came out from the white eyebrows of the clouds, floating in the wind and snow, and poured into his palm. Yun Shengbai's whole body twitched, and the blood on his face faded, like a withered plant, wilting and limping on the snow. An Kui hurriedly ran to the direction of Yun Shengbai. The main God looked sideways at the running Ann, and was about to start. The pool of blood on the snow flowed into Bai Ze's eyes. Indifferent eyes left only overwhelming killing and anger, towering flames almost burst out of the eyes, touching. With a severe pain in his chest, Bai Ze clenched his teeth and let out a suppressed roar. The energy of the whole body was boiling, running amok in the body, all the wounds that had not healed burst open, and blood gushed out, soaking the clothes. Bai Ze held the blade in both hands, and all the spiritual power was immersed in the blade with the blood. He pressed his lips tightly and pressed down sharply. Silver-white flames, like living vines, came from all directions and burrowed into the cracks. Endless darkness enveloped the world, leaving only staggered thunder and silvery flames. The main God has always thought that Bai Ze has reached the end of his strength, but the empty shell is holding on, which reveals the true body and enters the copy world. The world is maintained by his energy, which is unexpectedly torn apart, and the main God is naturally eaten back by the same energy. Unable to support himself, the main God fell back with a bang, spurting a mouthful of blood from his side head, opening a long cut in his chest, and the blood quickly soaked through his black robe. You can even see the flesh and blood flying in it. The snow in the sky dissipated in an instant, and the temperature rose. Guan Ju had already sobered up, and while the main God was injured and had no time to take care of her, he rolled and crawled with his sweet little baby in his arms and ran in the direction of Ann. Jing Ke,Sex Enhancement Powder, who was slightly injured, also recovered and rushed to help. Guan Ju's face was covered with tears and blood. As if she could not feel the pain, she took out the medicine box in a hurry. Several people suppressed their sad emotions and treated the two wounded. pioneer-biotech.com


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