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Chengji was so happy that he knew there was candy to eat and a wooden horse to play with. When he left, he didn't even look back. The Crown Princess leaned against the gate of the palace and watched the child go out of the gate of the East Palace. She covered her face with a veil and

"Yes, we have a bad life. I used to envy you when I worked downstairs. I always thought it must be more leisurely to serve those rich and noble people, and there were few people who found fault with them.". But now I find that the logic of these people is really eaten by dogs. When a person gives birth to a child, there is a long line behind them to cheer up. What do they think this is? Do they need cheerleaders to play football? And is it necessary for so many of us to be on standby here? Our director hasn't had a rest for several days. "Rich people's lives are much more valuable than ours. By the way, what about Xiao Liu?" "I let them go next door to rest. Who can stand up all night like this?" "Yes, I'm dizzy now." Did you see a figure go by just now? Asked the cautious old man. I think you have a double vision. Who will come to visit you at night? Pregnant women are very delicate and expensive. Even if they come, they don't see guests now. The young girl didn't think so, so she opened the QQ "Fight the Landlord" and had a good time. Speechless for a moment, the station looks quiet and eerie. Two people are awakened by a harsh bell, do not have to look at the scroll bar, this floor is living in a crown princess, must be the little ancestor of the Yan family finally can not hold back. Two people shouted to the doctor, and one walked quickly to the ward to check the pregnant woman's pre-delivery indicators. Not long ago, the temperature, blood pressure and heart rate were normal, so they were relieved to hear the bell ringing, because it meant that their mission of "guarding Yan's blood" had finally been completed. However, when the experienced childbirth lifted the quilt and thought it was amniotic fluid, but actually saw bright red blood, the heart suddenly contracted and even stopped breathing for a few seconds. The emergency room was in chaos in the middle of the night, all the lights in the operating room were on, and the doctors were fully armed, waiting for the family to authorize and sign, and then save the mother and daughter. When Yan Peiyun signed, his hands were trembling. The tip of the pen cut the paper several times,glass cream jars, sweeping away the gentleness of the past. His face was full of violent expression: "Don't shake your mother for me. Roll in. My wife and my baby daughter can't get out. You gits won't come out either!" Zhan Qingfei and Li Chengyi received the news that they did not trust him to drive alone, so they all followed him. Seeing this scene, they were all surprised from the bottom of their hearts. They were all childhood friends who grew up together. They had been together for more than 20 years. They had never seen him so hysterical like a madman regardless of his image. Yan Peiyun in front of people always shows a smile with a proper radian, but he doesn't make people feel close. He is occasionally venomous and shameless, but he is always rational. Now, seeing his fierce face, as if he wants to eat people, both of them have a moment of bleariness. Or they have underestimated the status of Xi Ruan and his children in his mind. Xi Ruan only felt pain, pain all over his body, as if he had been overwhelmed by a large stone slab, and it was difficult to breathe. In addition to pain, it is cold, cold utensils and liquid alcohol contact the skin, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Glass Cream Jars, strange cold blood slowly injected, dog days make people feel a biting chill all over. The light of the shadowless lamp made people unable to open their eyes. Someone was calling her gently all the time. It was light and warm. It was a familiar tone. Xi Ruan was thinking for a moment, where was Yan Peiyun at the moment? Was she waiting anxiously outside the operating room, or was she unable to stop in the soft boudoir? Such a bone-eroding idea made her give up in an instant, but no, she remembered her insomnia in the early stage of pregnancy, her almost tearful feelings when the first fetal movement, her nervousness when she first saw the fist-sized meat ball in her stomach, and her prudence and commitment when she first wrote her prenatal diary.. Ruan Tianying once told her that the biggest difficulties in the world can be overcome by clenching his teeth. Xi Ruan bit his lip, forcing himself not to give up, forcing himself not to faint. The loud cry finally resounded through the whole floor at dawn, and people inside and outside quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Only Yan Peiyun stared at the door of the operating room with almost dementia, and did not respond. When the doctor came out, a wave of people rushed up, blocking the door of the operating room, full of questions. The doctor fought hard for several hours to save the mother and daughter. Now he was exhausted and could only say simply and clearly: "It's a healthy girl, three thousand and five hundred grams." "What about your excellency?" The only one got to the front of the crowd and couldn't wait to ask. The adult is also all right, but at present the body is very weak, needs to rest, temporarily strictly visits. The doctor ordered the door to be closed, but he didn't expect someone to get in at the first time. The bangs on the woman's forehead on the bed were sticky everywhere, her face was pale and bloodless, and even the tiny fluff and blue blood vessels were clearly discernible in the bright light of the operating room. There has never been a moment like this, which makes Yan Peiyun feel amazing. It turned out that her most beautiful moment was not the moment when she put on her dress and high-heeled shoes and took his arm, not the moment when she bent her eyebrows and smiled, nor the moment when her photos were green and slightly charming, but the moment now when only sweat decorated her body, which seemed to be covered with a thin layer of light, made her great and sacred. For Xi Ruan, the best cosmetics are strong and maternal love. With a wife like this, what more could a husband ask for? "Nguyen Nguyen." He dropped a kiss as light as a cicada's wing on her forehead and called softly. Seemed to be waiting for the prince to kiss the princess awake, Xi Ruan opened his heavy eyelids, a long time to see the person in front of him, the expression on his face is very soft, like relief and like a good choice. She lifted her lips slowly, and every word was as light as a silent snowflake falling to the ground, but he was frozen for a long time. She said, Yan Peiyun, let's divorce. Not angry, not unwilling, but in the moment of life and death handover, she finally understood that this distorted marriage from the beginning was doomed to be unsustainable. For a long time,Blue Bottle Serum, until she was sent to the ward, Yan Peiyun slowly opened his mouth, his voice a little hoarse: "Let's talk about it when you're ready." ……。 penghuangbottle.com


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