Phoenix Terrace _ Huai Su

Chengji was so happy that he knew there was candy to eat and a wooden horse to play with. When he left, he didn't even look back. The Crown Princess leaned against the gate of the palace and watched the child go out of the gate of the East Palace. She covered her face with a veil and

Chengji was so happy that he knew there was candy to eat and a wooden horse to play with. When he left, he didn't even look back. The Crown Princess leaned against the gate of the palace and watched the child go out of the gate of the East Palace. She covered her face with a veil and held Sujuan's hand. Her heart was sour. Sujuan looked at the Hall of Happiness and said, "Empress, this is your Highness's good fortune. No one else has such a good fortune." When the Crown Princess heard this, she took a look at the Xinyue Hall and saw that there was still a piece of blue and white gauze in the hall. She also took this to comfort herself. Only then could she feel better. Chengji went to the Zichen Hall, and from then on no one could cross him. Chapter 245 repetition. The emperor's eldest grandson moved into the Zichen Palace and set off waves again in the court. From the palace to the court, there were many people whose clothes were wet by the waves, but no matter how big the waves were, they could not come to Jin at the moment. Jinzhou city is preparing to have the annual Double Seventh Festival Qiqiao Festival, this year's Double Seventh Festival is more lively than in previous years, Jin Princess's birthday is on this day, the city is full of colorful lanterns and colorful buildings, the rich merchants in the city are giving gifts to Wei Shan in the name of birthday gifts to Jin Wang Fu. Wei Shan had never thought that one day his own birthday would be more lively than the birthdays of the two prime ministers, yuan and Hu. yuan and Hu's students and old friends were all over the government and the public. Every day on the two days of teacher appreciation and birthday, those who were officials and those who were not officials would write letters to give gifts, and those who were closer would visit their teachers to celebrate their birthdays. Now Wei Shan's birthday is the same. Before July, someone kept giving gifts. There were all kinds of things to eat,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, drink and play. The Nie family sent a few gifts. Chen Xiang turned out a box of golden bells from it. She knew it, but it had not been hung in the palace for many years. She carried out seventeen or eighteen bells on a gold chain to hang on a large area of flowers and trees. Prevent the birds from destroying the flowers and leaves. Steward Xiao had just bought a batch of Chinese roses from outside. They were stout, red, yellow and pink, and they were as big as the mouth of a bowl. They were bought for Wei Shan's birthday and placed everywhere in the palace for people to watch. These flowers alone cost tens of thousands of yuan. As soon as the flowers were moved into the garden, the Nie family sent several boxes of golden bells to protect the flowers,oil dropper bottle, so that all the Chinese roses and roses in the palace could be hung up, which not only added color to the flowers, but also made them look rich and noble. It seemed that they had already asked Xiao to buy flowers and had prepared them specially. What's wrong with Chen Xiang's tongue? The Nie family has never come to beg for anything. It's all right if they don't go into the door of the palace. Even Lady Cao and Lady Wei haven't gone there, but they send such a thick gift back and forth. Wei Shan asked Lady Cao once. The Nie family was a boat gang, and the head of the family was a woman. Nie Sanniang, the daughter of the last helmsman of the boat gang, spent the whole year on the boat as long as the river was not frozen. Although Wei Shan had never seen this Nie Sanniang, just listening to her deeds was similar to that of Lady Chang. She was more ruthless than Lady Chang. It was always more difficult for an unmarried daughter to do business than a widow. Nie Sanniang also followed the fleet floating on the water, people do not come to the princess to court, the gift will be more diligent, camel help horse help boat help three, Mrs. Chang is desperate, 30ml dropper bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Pan family is completely clueless, Nie Sanniang's gift is both delicate and flattering, but let Wei Shan have a little curiosity. On his birthday, the Pan family entered the door of the palace. Master Pan finally found a way to give gifts. He wrapped up all the wood and stone for Qin Zhao to build a house and build a military project in Yongning. Naturally, the money was collected, and only the profit was collected less. The Pan family had the largest supply of goods and the largest supply of goods. They sent hundreds of pieces of wood back and forth, all of which had been processed. When they arrived at the place, someone helped them build a house. This time, they had seen Qin Zhao's means and never mentioned that they wanted to send their daughter to the palace. He also wanted to dedicate the grassland to Wei Shan, saying that it was a birthday gift for the princess, so that the princess could go hunting in autumn. Wei Shan took it back. Qin Zhao wanted to open the Hu Han commercial market. The Pan family had been trading with the Hu people for decades. To open the trade route, they had to let the Pan family take the lead. Although the Pan family had never heard of Mrs. Tovey, they knew that neither the King of Jin nor the Princess of Jin could be fooled, so they had to rest their minds first. Tang Jiu found out that the Pan family had been smuggling horses. Trade out of the customs had to be counted. A group of ponies went out and a group of tall horses came back. The camel on the horse's back was goods, and the horse was also goods. They wanted to make the business clear. But privately raising horses is a felony, like salt and iron, is not allowed to circulate in private, Qin Zhao both to raise cavalry will raise horses, the Pan family is not in a hurry now, as long as the king of Jin is useful to them, things are negotiable. Qin Zhao came back from Yongning County on the fifth day of the seventh month. He was followed by yuan Hanzhi, a drag oil bottle. He was at a loss all the way. He knocked twice on his horse and looked at the mountains and forests in front of him in a daze. He never thought that one day he would be famous for his poems. The two brothers of the yuan family formed a poetry club in the capital. Their poems were originally better written by yuan Muzhi. yuan Hanzhi was always behind his brother. It is true that there is talent, but there is always a lack of atmosphere in poetry. No matter how fine the words are, no matter how distant the artistic conception is, there is always something missing. Unlike Song Lian, who loves to write epitaphs for others, he does not pay attention to the use of allusions when he writes poems. When he writes poems, he even pays attention to tonal patterns, but it is his poems that often use surprising sentences. yuan Hanzhi knew that he was not as good as his elder brother, not to mention Song Lian. Since he left the imperial examination and went back to the Qingjiang camp, his vision was suddenly broadened, and the artistic conception in the poem was even better, but he also knew in his heart that he was still not as good as Song Lian. Song Lian was so valued by his father that he was regarded by the world-famous yuan Xiang as the most spiritual student he had taught in his life. There were only four words, "indifferent to fame and wealth". A person's temperament was careless, and the poems he wrote had different images, which could not be compared with the words and sentences. It happened that his poems had been circulated and printed in a book. If they had been seen by his father and elder brother in the capital, he did not know what his father would have said. yuan Hanzhi thought of this festival and clamped his horse's belly and said, "Yizhi, it's better to take back my poems." Qin Zhao was anxious to go back. The sun was poisonous and the dust on the road was heavy. He had to comfort a fool. "What's wrong with that?" He said with a smile. "The style of study in Jin is not strong. It's not like the sons of several aristocratic families in Qinghe,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Shandong, to throw themselves on the scientific examination. It's better to encourage the students of the prefectural and county academies." yuan Hanzhi was stunned. His father devoted himself to the promotion of the imperial examination system in order to compete with the aristocracy. He agreed. Although he was embarrassed to think so, it was much better.


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