Xiang Luo Dai-Gao Yong _ txt Novel Paradise

Yuting Guanzhu was stunned and stupefied, and could hardly answer. Bai Lingguan raised his head to the sky and said with a loud laugh, "What a master of the Kongtong Sect's Sanqing Palace! He's in charge of a group of people. He's so muddle-headed in his work."

Guo Changfeng was so angry that he clapped his hands on the bed and snapped, "Boy, get out of here." This time it was really effective. The man woke up with a start and stared at Guo Changfeng in a daze. His face was full of confusion. "Why are you staring at me?" Asked Guo Changfeng? This is my bed, and you enjoy it, and now you dare to stare at me? The man's lips wriggled, and after a while, he said feebly, "Brother Six.." You're back. As soon as he opened his mouth, Guo Changfeng lost his voice in surprise and said, "Are you Xiaoqiang?"? What on earth is going on? Xiaoqiang looked very tired and weak. "What time is it now?" He gasped. "It's just past Youshi," said Guo Changfeng. Xiaoqiang nodded and said, "That's all right. You finally came back at the right time." "What on earth happened?" Asked Guo Changfeng? Why are you pretending to be me? Xiaoqiang smiled sadly and asked in reply, "Do you still look like him?" "It looks like it, but" said Guo Changfeng. "As long as it looks like it," said Xiaoqiang. Now time is running out, six elder brother, you quickly also dress up, dress up like me, put on my clothes, after a while, they will come. "You mean Granny Wu is coming?" Asked Kuo Chang-feng. "Yes,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps," said Jack Bauer, "they'll be here before they get up. My clothes and bags are in the cupboard. We must arrange them quickly." "Why are we doing this?" Asked Guo Changfeng? You have to tell me the reason. "It's too late," said Jack Bauer. "Let's talk while you dress up." Guo Changfeng saw that his tone was heavy, his expression was anxious, and he knew that things must be very urgent, so he had to take out the refit from the wardrobe according to his words. In fact, the two figures are not much different, and it is not difficult to change their faces,30ml Dropper Bottle, but Xiaoqiang's complexion is dark, his nose is slightly lower, and his cheeks are slightly thinner. Guo Changfeng is not good at transfiguration, only blackened his skin color, but felt helpless to change his nose and cheeks. Therefore, Xiaoqiang had to struggle to get up and dress up instead. Xiaoqiang seemed to have just gone through a strenuous exercise, and his physical strength was extremely exhausted. With a slight move, he panted and seemed to be very tired. "What's the matter?" Said Guo Changfeng with concern? Are you not feeling well? Xiaoqiang shook his head and said, "I don't know why. I just feel very tired. It's probably because of the silver hairpin." "Silver hairpin?" Asked Guo Changfeng? What silver hairpin? Xiaoqiang said, "It's the silver stick that Granny Wu asked me to put into the hot water bucket secretly while you were taking a bath." Guo Changfeng was surprised and said, "Did you use it yourself?" "Yes," said Jack Bauer, "I haven't been able to fall asleep since I went back to my room. I examined the silver hairpin carefully, but I couldn't see anything unusual. In the evening, I thought you might have woken up, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but when I came in, I didn't see you in the room. It happened that a waiter knocked at the door and asked if he wanted hot water for a bath. On second thought, I thought of this plan." Guo Changfeng stamped his foot and said, "You should wait for me to come back and discuss it. It's not too late to make a decision." Xiaoqiang said with a wry smile, "If I had consulted with you first, I know you would never agree. However, I feel that I owe you too much. If I can take a risk for you, it will be beneficial to the overall situation. Even if I die, I am willing to do so." Guo Changfeng shook his head and said with a deep sigh, "Why bother?"? We don't have to take risks at all, and we can get things done just the same! It's so silly! Xiaoqiang said, "Even if I am stupid, I don't regret it. Besides, I don't have any damage except feeling tired now. In fact, it's not a risk at all." Guo Changfeng said, "The feeling of tiredness may be that you have been hurt. Have you ever tried your luck?"? Perhaps the internal organs have been injured? "I've tried it," said Xiaoqiang. "True Qi can also be lifted and gathered, and the internal organs are not hurt at all." Guo Changfeng said, "When you take a bath, does your skin feel strange?" "Not at all," said Xiaoqiang. "The silver hairpin dissolves in water. It's colorless and tasteless. I don't feel any different. Guo Changfeng said thoughtfully, "I think it must have a terrible function. Otherwise, the silver hairpin will never melt in the water.". ” "I'm afraid only Granny Wu knows the function of the silver hairpin," said Xiaoqiang. "If we can catch the old woman, all doubts will be solved." "Are you sure she'll come?" Asked Guo Changfeng. "I'm sure I will," said Xiaoqiang. "I've already gone to the North Gate Tower Liaison Office. They want me to wait carefully. I'll come to meet you at the beginning of the night." Guo Changfeng nodded: "All right!"! Let's wait and do it, but you have to listen to my cough before you can do it. Our purpose is to find out where the girl in black is hiding. If you can't do it, you'd better not do it. "I understand," said Jack Bauer. "Without your cough, I'll pretend to sleep in bed.." As he spoke, the sound of drums was heard in the distance. Guo Changfeng hurriedly put on Xiaoqiang's clothes, cleaned up the sundries in the room, and weakened the light. Then he unclosed the door and sat quietly and waited. At this time, the street was in full swing, the front yard was brightly lit, and the voices of people were endless. Only the upper room in the backyard was quiet. The night wind peeped through the window, and the shadows swayed, showing a bit of gloom. After a meal, there was a sudden gentle knock outside the gate of the courtyard. Guo Changfeng got up and went out. "Who is he?" He asked. "Has the guest taken a bath?" The door answered? I'm here to pick up a change of clothes. Guo Changfeng knew that it was Grandma Wu who had arrived. He took a deep breath and opened the gate of the courtyard. Outside the door stood a woman in Tsing Yi, with a black scarf on her head and a bamboo basket in her hand. The light in the courtyard was dim, and the woman hung her head, unable to see her face. "Is that Granny Wu?" Asked Guo Changfeng in a dumb voice. "Don't ask," whispered the woman in Tsing Yi. "Lead the way." Guo Changfeng had to close the gate of the courtyard and led the woman in Tsing Yi to the guest room. When they reached the door of the room, the woman suddenly stopped and said, "How long has it been since Guo took a bath?" "About two hours," said Guo Changfeng. He did not dare to speak too long, and he reckoned that it should not be more than two hours from evening to now. The woman in Tsing Yi added,Amber Dropper Bottles, "Has he ever woken up during this time?" Guo Changfeng shook his head and said, "He seems to be very tired. He has been sleeping all the time. I tried it just now, but I didn't respond to it." 。 penghuangbottle.com


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