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Yuting Guanzhu was stunned and stupefied, and could hardly answer. Bai Lingguan raised his head to the sky and said with a loud laugh, "What a master of the Kongtong Sect's Sanqing Palace! He's in charge of a group of people. He's so muddle-headed in his work."

Huo Yuhao hard by a death soul guide attack, this in everyone's view, he is bound to die, Tang Wutong with strange strength rushed to the mountain wall, the enemy should not be one? But then, the giant mallet Douro and the broken star Douro launched a series of offensives not only told these soul teachers that the enemy was not one, but also had the strength of the title Douro level! But when they rushed over, the gap in the mountain wall had been closed. They can't find it. Even if you know the previous Huo Yuhao they disappeared for it, don't you blow up your own main peak? There are so many Horcruxes up there. Under the leadership of Huo Yuhao, the Broken Star Douro slowly ascended in the mountain. Although the rocks in the mountain are hard, they can only be broken constantly in front of the light of the broken stars. Broken Star Douro, you have to be careful. The person who controls the Soul Guide of Death is probably the Chief Soul Guide of the Sun and Moon Empire, Death Douro. And there should be someone else around him. Broken Star Douro nodded and said, "My ability is better at group warfare and destruction. I'll go out later and hold them off.". You destroy the Reaper as soon as possible. It doesn't need to be completely destroyed, as long as it loses its effect and our army can rush over. "Good." Huo Yuhao's spiritual exploration surges upward, covering the direction of death's soul guide. But to his surprise, when his mental strength approached the Horcrux of Death, the strong tingling sensation suddenly appeared again. With the experience of the last time, this time Huo Yuhao is easy to accept. There was no deep contact, but his face was slightly discolored. Watching, the distance is getting closer and closer to the top. Broken Star Douro. Let's stop. Let me give you a general idea of the above situation. Huo Yuhao said. Uh Broken Star Douro stopped and looked at Huo Yuhao. Although the mountain is dark, it can be seen clearly with the light of his broken stars. All the people of Tangmen are following behind. Huo Yuhao said in a deep voice, "Through my previous observation and detection, I have probably felt clearly the power of the Death Horcrux.". I don't know how this Horcrux works, but its destructive power should be made up of two aspects. One is the powerful soul power of high temperature and high pressure,magnetic separator machine, but this power is almost the same as the general nine-level soul guide, at most only a little stronger. It is similar to the Sun and Moon Magic Needle of Ye Yulin. However, there is another terrible power in the Death Horcrux, which is the essence of it. That's the spirit of resentment. "Resentment?" Huo Yuhao nodded his head and said, "When I explored several times just now, my mental strength would feel a strong tingling and burning sensation as soon as I approached the soul guide of death.". This is the result of the counter-suppression of mental power, and the mental power that suppresses me is not only a huge terror, but also has a strong destructive nature and deep resentment. If I'm not mistaken, this comes from a large number of resentful spirits, which are compressed together by unknown forces, condensed into a terrible force of resentful spirits, and then combined with the high temperature and high pressure of the soul of death itself, gold heap leaching ,manganese beneficiation plant, forming the light of death. "The light of death has two forms, one is the complete form that killed our two thousand high-level soul masters, which is a combination of soul power and resentment power, and the other is the pure power of resentment.". Just now I suffered a moment, only to feel that my soul, the sea of spirit, as if to be split by that terrible resentment. It was the existence of a special guardian power in me that kept me alive. "Resentment?"? Do you mean to say that there is probably a powerful evil spirit master around the death spirit guide? Broken star Douro is also a veteran strong, smell string song know elegant meaning, immediately understand the meaning of Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao nodded solemnly and said, "So you must be careful when you go out later.". Guyi, it mainly depends on your strength later. I will try my best to help you. Your divine power has the best effect on all the evil spirits. And Wu Tong, you also have the attribute of light in your soul. I'll cover you. "Good." Ye Guyi and Tang Wutong promised at the same time. Huo Yuhao nodded to the broken star Douro. Broken Star Douro looked at the giant mallet Douro next to him. "Mallet, you open the way." 'Good. As soon as the giant mallet Douro waved his hand, he motioned for the crowd to get out of the way, and then he swung his giant mallet, his soul ring kept flashing, and a mallet kept hitting the mountain wall. Soon, the whole mountain seemed to tremble, the violent roar constantly sounded in the direction of the top of the mountain, even in the mountain, you can clearly hear the violent explosion outside. Three in one big chapter, oh, three more get it done, a new week, please chayexs. Com. Chayexs. Com recommended vote support. (To be continued.) Chapter 451 Death Douro! (Top) A title Douro went all out to break out, and the destructive power was extremely terrible. At this time, the strength of the giant mallet Douro is sent back incisively and vividly. At this time, suddenly, Huo Yuhao's face changed greatly, and as soon as he dodged, he rushed to the front of the giant mallet Douro and pulled his body to fly out quickly. A dark red ray of light pierced through in the next moment. The ray of light was as thick as a water tank. When it passed, everything around it vaporized, leaving only a huge hole. Then, an incomparable horror burst out from the hole of destruction in an instant. The shrill screams were breathtaking, and the invisible spirit of resentment frantically attacked the crowd. Broken Star Douro's right hand pressed forward, and a large area of broken star power swarmed out, splitting the space, and also splitting these resentful spirits. However, these spirits are so powerful that some of them can't even tear up the cracks in the broken space. Under the brilliant golden light, the sacred breath came out in an instant. As soon as the shrill voices met the light full of sacred breath, they suddenly melted in the air in horror. Ye Guyi raised her right hand,gold CIP machine, and a long white sword about four feet long, emitting a holy and hot white light, was her holy sword. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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