Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist--Waiting for the Golden Year of Rebirth

Yuting Guanzhu was stunned and stupefied, and could hardly answer. Bai Lingguan raised his head to the sky and said with a loud laugh, "What a master of the Kongtong Sect's Sanqing Palace! He's in charge of a group of people. He's so muddle-headed in his work."

After entering the box and turning around the menu, everyone ordered the dishes. Fortunately, Mom and Dad did not belong to the traditional parents in the normative sense. The atmosphere at the dinner table was extremely enthusiastic, that is, Shen Zijia squinted and swept me several times, which made my back covered with a dense pimple. After entering the courtyard, Fang Jin and Shen Zijia went back to their home first. When they left, Shen Zijia didn't even look at me. I smiled shyly at Liang Xiao with a teasing smile. It was obviously Liang Xiao who had puppy love with Fang Jin first. Why should I confess to my family first? My mother knew that I was going to take my classmates home, so she packed up the room early in the morning and prepared the toiletries and so on, but there was a little episode when I entered the door. When I left home at the beginning of school, Jiajia was still crying in a milky voice, and it was very cute to recognize people by her tender nose. But as soon as I came into the house, it was a big dog that came out with a warning cry from the mouth of its mouth. It was better for my mother to step forward. I squatted and coaxed Jiajia for a while before hesitating to keep a wait-and-see attitude towards me. I didn't mind leading Yang Yang back to their room to take a shower,sodium cyanide price, rest and sleep, and then go shopping at night! I don't really want to sleep. After taking a shower, I turn on the computer and hang up my baby penguins one by one. You know, my baby penguins are getting expensive now. I'm thinking about when to open a post to sell them. As a result, Shen Zijia had been waiting to catch me there for a long time. As soon as she came up, she sent a message. Fatty: Have you taken a bath? Jin Nian: En Jiajia didn't recognize me and shouted at me when I entered the door. Fatty: When are you going to talk about us? I always carry the love report with me. Jin Nian: No hurry. I cover my face,coltan ore processing, Yang Yang, and they are all in my house. It must be hard to mention. It seems that I should make a plan. Because my mother knocked at the door, I turned off my QQ to open the door, and then I hugged my mother. My mother told me about the experience of taking care of infected patients, which made me tremble with fear. I hugged my mother and refused to let her go. As a result, I covered my mother in the quilt to sleep with her. My mother was so angry and funny that she patted me and pulled the quilt to cover me. I smelled the clean smell of my mother and rubbed it with the tip of a pen. Somehow I suddenly had the urge to throw caution to the wind and did so. Mom, Shen Zijia has been selected, so the place of assignment is also available. Mom moved her neck, paused for a few seconds, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, then answered, and then what? I winced, grabbed my mother's clothes and stammered. Then he asked me if I wanted to join the army. Oh, I blushed so much that I didn't know whether it was because I exposed myself or because I lied. After all, I was the one who proposed to join the army. As soon as I said this, my mother's body suddenly froze. If I hadn't clung to her in advance, she would have gone on a rampage. After a long time, my mother sighed and asked me if the place of Zijiafen was far from home? I hugged my mother with red eyes and refused to say anything. My mother sighed and hugged me. I was tired after sitting on the train for most of the day. I'll talk about it later. Go to bed first. Mom will accompany you. I closed my eyes and rubbed the corners of my eyes a little wet. I'm sorry. I'm really not a God. I can't take care of everything. When I meet Shen Zijia, it seems that all my insistence can be abandoned. When I woke up, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon. My mother had not been there for a long time. I stretched and felt something heavy on my body. As a result, I heard a murmur. I got goose bumps. All of a sudden, I stood at attention and sat up. Then I saw Jiajia slip into my room at some point and was now soft on my quilt. I poked Jiajia on the forehead. Don't you know me? Why are you running? I'm coming. Be careful of my indecent assault! Jiajia swept her eyebrows and didn't bother to pay attention to me. She looked at me twice and then put her head back on my quilt. Then the door opened. Jiajia looked back cleverly. Yang Yang poked her head and asked me to wake you up and go out after dinner. My mother cooked a table of dishes, and when I went downstairs, I knew that the three of them got up early to help my mother, and I was the only one who went to bed at the latest and then got up after being called. In the past few years, because she got used to getting along with me, my mother had a good relationship with the three of them. My father accompanied us to eat at noon and then went back to the Bureau to work. My mother accompanied us to eat at dinner. My mother cooked a few local dishes and the interaction in the kitchen. The atmosphere of dinner was better than lunch. I told my mother that the jujube cake she brought back last year was brought by Chen Xiaojia. Yang Yang is the winner of the national scholarship. Zhang Liang eats two rice balls for breakfast every time. Then the three of them rose up and began to expose my shortcomings. My mother cooperated with me and decided to keep a low profile and eat my food with her head covered. I had been thinking about it for a semester. It was better to eat more food than to talk when I was free. I was in charge of washing the dishes, and the three of them accompanied my mother to watch TV. After I took off the plastic gloves and hung them up, my mother asked us to clean up and gave me a handful of money and pushed us out to go shopping. Over the past few years, the economic development of the whole country has attracted worldwide attention, and the city is no exception. It ranks absolutely high in the country, so the nightlife is also quite rich and colorful. Mom knew that the three of them were all southerners, and she couldn't stand the dry cold on our side. She turned out my down jacket and put it on for the three of them. So the four penguins set off. When they walked out of the gate of the courtyard, the guard, wrapped in a military coat, saluted us. After walking a little farther, Zhang Liang put her arm around me? The first shock wave of the young couple I smiled. Our family was not a soldier, but when my father came here, there was no house in the unit. There was a vacant room here. Zhang Xiaojia teased us twice, and we didn't say that we were soldiers, so we said that Shen Zijia was also a soldier? I nodded my head. Yang Yang, who had been silent all the time,gold cil machine, took a glance at me and then spoke slowly. Yang Yang does have a good family background. Grandpa is a local leader, uncle, uncle and so on. They are also leading figures who are much higher than me.


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