Orphan Girl in Sixty [Rebirth System]

Original Title: From Perforation, Blasting to Dumping, Understanding the Six Processes of Open-pit Mining in One Article! The mining process of open-pit mine is relatively simple, mainly including drilling, blasting, mining, loading and transportation, and rock dumping. Next, we will talk

"Brother, I have a job of herding sheep, and I can earn my own work points. You don't have to worry about me not having food to eat. There are many things in the mountains, so you don't have to worry about me, and you don't need to send food to me in the future. Really, I asked my uncle to make a package, which I can eat by myself. It's kudzu root powder. Hot water is a paste. It's delicious. You can also make cakes to eat. Try it." Did you send something? Gu wheat did not react to come over, that package let his boys to open, sure enough there is something inside, a cloth bag about ten catties, open the mouth to see, fine white powder, it is estimated that the above said kudzu root powder, to eat? Gu wheat does not need to use the brain, someone has taken the kettle to try, a flush is a big bowl, really thick, a few boys in the room one drink, one face is smiling, said to Gu wheat: "Monitor, it's really good, just like the lotus root starch I've eaten before." Gu Xiaomai grabbed the bowl and took a sip. The paste reached his mouth, and he couldn't tell whether it was bitter or sweet. I'm afraid this thing is not easy to clean up. I've seen kudzu root take things. It's rough and meticulous. I don't know how many times it's been. Ami has suffered a lot. The stone mill is not light. As soon as this was said, several other people were also silent. They were all people who worked all the year round. When they heard the stone mill, they were thinking about the child's age. They didn't know where this thing was. They were afraid that the child had spent a lot of effort to get it out. One by one, they were embarrassed to eat it. They put the cloth bag away again in a hurry, and only then did they see the other things in the package. Two wind chickens. Is this a wind chicken? "The letter said that one was made by my sister and the other was my uncle's." Gu wheat's mood more or less has recovered a few minutes, although still very worried about her sister, but also love her sister's hard life, Keren is good, can make things to send over, it can be seen that there is food at home, but not, there are those sent by themselves, how can you fool until June, Ami has work points, that summer grain down can be divided into grain, even if less, want to be able to eat. Can eat, have work to do, Gu wheat's heart is finally able to live in peace, at least do not have to worry about sister a person can not live. When does my brother have home leave? It's good to come back and burn incense for your parents. Monitor, it's really hard to say. You just came here for a short time. It's not three or five years. You can't apply for it. After all, it's so far away. "Why don't you let your sister come over and stay with us for a few days, so that we can have a rare sister?" "*** you, what are you talking about? How old are you? You asked a 10-year-old boy to transfer five or six times and travel thousands of miles?"? What if someone abducts you? "Yes, it's too small. Oh, how can it be good?" Yeah, how can that be good? Gu wheat also asked himself, long span shelving , he really wanted to go back to see, ah, to see that haunting home, to see the sister who had not seen for several years, to see that mountain, that piece of land, unfortunately, the dream is the dream, the reality is too cruel. Chapter 36 Gu wheat 2. The matter of Gu Xiaomai's family has spread all over the engineering regiment in less than three days. No matter what kind of age, the feelings of the soldiers are always the truest. Knowing the embarrassing situation of Gu Xiaomai's family today, several leaders feel a little scratching their heads. According to them, even if they want to open a back door, the child is so small that it is not convenient to take over and accompany the army! This is Gansu, the days are estimated to be more difficult than the village in the mountains, such a child came, can adapt? As for granting a home leave? Even if they open the back door, but also to solve a lot of practical problems, thousands of miles away from the distance has been decided, even if Gu wheat back, can not stay much time, waiting for him to come back is not once again to return things to the origin? That child has no one to take care of? Finally, Gu Xiaomai pressed down the guilt in his heart and said to the platoon leader who came to comfort him: "Don't worry too much. My Ami has been a capable child since he was a child. He is good at cooking and digging wild vegetables. He can live by himself. He also said in the letter that he can hunt and build a house. This life should be better than I thought.". Besides, at least when my parents were there, they had a good relationship with the people in the village. The neighbors next door were all kind people. No matter how bad it was, there was still my uncle. Even if there was no blood relationship, even for the sake of my father, they wouldn't look at it. Look, there was a wind chicken he gave me in the package last time. It showed that my uncle also took care of us. He should be able to rest assured. Knowing that these words come out, Gu Xiaomai comforts himself, but as a soldier, there are often too many involuntary, what else can he do, the platoon leader has to comfort Gu Xiaomai like this: "Yes, the local army support work has always been done well, like Erniu in the third battalion next door, his father limped and lived alone. He also relied on the people in the village to help him in turn. He didn't starve to death for three years in a row. You can see how attentive he was. And Song Datou in the second battalion, when his widowed mother's eyes got sick, it was also the people in his village who helped to collect money to send him to the hospital." Wait for him to know, his mother has been discharged from the hospital, so to think, your sister should also be taken good care of. This comfort, Gu wheat feel his forehead can be out of the black line, the two families are taken care of well, but the two families are also very miserable, this metaphor, can it be said that in your heart, my family is also like this? Although my family is now only the younger sister, but also do not want to become a poor object, my sister is so good, how can become a little poor? Absolutely not. Just as Gu Xiaomai wanted to fight for his sister's image, another comrade-in-arms who was ready to comfort Gu Xiaomai came. It was said that the popularity of Gu Daomai seemed to be bubbling up suddenly recently. People came to him one after another. Compared with the kind of slightly alienated politeness when he first came, it seemed that he was suddenly integrated into it. Is this also an alternative social trick? Well, let's not talk about this question first, just say that Gu Xiaomai's comrade-in-arms is really a good man! Unexpectedly, he thought of a very good way to solve the problem of his sister's concern in his heart. omracking.com


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