Help! The stolen opportunity is poisonous.

Original Title: From Perforation, Blasting to Dumping, Understanding the Six Processes of Open-pit Mining in One Article! The mining process of open-pit mine is relatively simple, mainly including drilling, blasting, mining, loading and transportation, and rock dumping. Next, we will talk

But for a moment, everything has returned to calm. Even the huge figure of the snake disappeared, and in the vast fog, a slender figure came towards him. The rabbit cheered: "Host, it's Wei Zheng, Da Neng is coming!" The young man stared at the other side and said in a loud voice, "Wei Zheng, the elder, and Li Chiyi, the younger generation, have been entrusted by Zhao Wu to come and look for you." As he spoke, he quietly took out the jade pendant from the space ring, which had just been rewarded by the system to improve the good feeling, and injected spiritual power. The man, without saying a word, staggered towards him. As the ice and mist dissipated, the stiff body of the man gradually appeared. His body was stained with snake blood and his clothes were ragged, but he could not hide the cold and fierce breath like a sword blade out of its scabbard. After nearly a thousand years in the snake's belly, his clothes were almost broken into pieces, and the muscles exposed from them were full of strength and beauty. Every step he took seemed to have been calculated most accurately and landed properly in the most impeccable place. When the young man finally saw the man's appearance, under the dirty long hair,Industrial pallet rack, a pair of red eyes seemed to be breathtaking, staring at himself tightly. Li Chiyi suddenly remembered the huge blood-red snake eye he had just seen under the ice. It was so cold and evil that he could not help shivering and quietly retreating a few steps. The rabbit refuels in the side actually: "The host is also stupefied what to do, hurriedly goes up hugs can the thigh." Li Chiyi:.. Shut up. He suddenly had a bad feeling and retreated, trying to escape from the cave. But it's too late! As early as his mind moved, the man had already flown forward, picked up his back collar, and pressed the boy against the wall. Li Chi wanted to resist, but found himself unable to move at all under the pressure of the other side. The man did not say a word,radio shuttle racking, like a male beast examining his belongings, close to the white neck of the boy, constantly sniffing. Ignoring the disgusting stench between his nose and suppressing the creepy feeling on his body, Li Chiyi finally felt the indescribable horror and repeated the words just now: "Senior.." I came in to look for you at the request of senior Zhao Wuwu! When he said the three words of Zhao Wuwu, the man finally had a reaction, and a deep and hoarse voice rang coldly in his ear: "Zhao.." No. Leisure? "If you don't believe me, you can find the rhinoceros horn on my neck as a proof." The boy hurriedly said. After listening to his words, the man's mouth slowly rose, showing a bloodthirsty smile. He tore the clothes off the boy's chest and tore them to pieces. Li Chiyi:!!! The boy's white chest was exposed, and the rhinoceros horn pendant lay in disorder in his shoulder socket. The man trembled and stroked the white rhinoceros horn, and suddenly laughed crazily. Li Chiyi said cautiously, "Senior?" As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the other side clamped his chin strongly and kissed him roughly. Being held down by a force that could not be resisted, Li Chi-yi's eyes widened in a flash, heavy duty racking system ,Warehouse storage racks, and he turned to an idea in his heart that he had been cheated by Zhao Wu! A moment of panic, embarrassment, remorse welled up in my heart, and the teenager urged spiritual power and began to resist desperately. However, the spirit of the golden elixir period in front of the man but firefly general, he slightly moved the true gas, Li Chi Yi was dead pressed, breathless! "In a sudden task, Wei Zheng, the master of the Phoenix Palace, broke away from the bondage of the Phoenix Palace, and was confused by the snake. He asked the host to double cultivate with Wei Zheng to awaken his mind and reward him. The spiritual power gained by double cultivating with Wei Zheng was doubled, and the state lasted for three days." Li Chiyi:?? The boy lost his mind for a short time, and the man took the opportunity to attack the city, but for a moment he enveloped himself and tore his belt away. He bit hard on Li Chiyi's Adam's apple, and the teenager let out a brief murmur, finally waking up from the shock. In his mind, the rabbit urged impatiently: "Don't resist the host. Wei Zheng is now a great power in the period of coming out of the orifices. You can benefit a lot from double cultivation with him. There is also a double buff given to you by the system. You can go from the early stage of the golden elixir to the middle stage of the golden elixir as long as you do it once!" “…… Bullshit you! Li Chiyi couldn't help swearing. He tried his best to kick Wei Zheng's lower body, and the action without spiritual blessing did not cause the other side's spiritual rebound, but the strength was what he had practiced for decades. The kick hit the target, and the man's movements stiffened for a few breaths. Wei Zheng's eyes changed from red to dark, and suddenly he came to his senses. When he saw the ragged teenager in front of him, he was slightly startled, and the next moment he changed into red, as if two minds were fighting for the same body. Surprised and angry, Li Chiyi called out the Dantian Spirit Sword and stabbed Wei Zheng without hesitation! The sword used almost all his spiritual power, and the rabbit shouted anxiously in his mind: "The host doesn't want it!" In a flash, Wei Zheng broke off his heart sword with one hand. He was still stabbed between his eyebrows by Li Chi. A few drops of invisible black blood splashed out. The teenager could not avoid it. The pupil of his right eye was stained with black blood. An indescribable pain spread from his right eye to his whole body, and finally gathered in the Dantian. "Ah, ah, ah, ah!" The teenager let out a tragic scream to the extreme! "No, the host, that drop of blood is the last thought of the snake in Wei Zheng's body. It is highly poisonous and contaminated. If it is light, it will be destroyed, and if it is heavy, it will be dead!" In a sharp pain, Li Chiyi heard the rabbit saying something anxiously in his mind. At a loss, Li Chi's last glance before he fainted was right in front of the man's shocked eyes because he had recovered Pure Brightness. …… 19. Chapter 19 Chapter 19 Li Chiyi had a dream. In the dream, he returned to the scene of the siege of the division that day, unable to retreat, the same door was killed, he did not hesitate to choose to explode yuan Ying. At that moment, the pain directly from the Dantian made him remember from the previous life to the next life. Until recently, I experienced the familiar feeling again. This time, however, because there is no death waiting for me,Cantilever Storage rack, the feeling of pain is infinitely elongated, making every minute and moment seem difficult to endure. It was a nightmare. He was afraid to struggle to get up, but he was afraid to fall into deeper pain when he woke up.


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