Tears of happiness

Original Title: From Perforation, Blasting to Dumping, Understanding the Six Processes of Open-pit Mining in One Article! The mining process of open-pit mine is relatively simple, mainly including drilling, blasting, mining, loading and transportation, and rock dumping. Next, we will talk

"Don't joke, you are clearly Yi Ruoyu!!!" That guy Yi Youzhi is really good at clinging to others. Forget it. I have to haggle with him. The two people behind him are the tough characters. I have to be careful. I stopped talking. Jin Shengyu and Feng Xuanyang seemed to be very quiet. I don't know if they saw anything. I really hope they are completely blind now, lest I have something to catch them. Xingchen, let me introduce to you, this is the president of the student union, his name is Jin Shengyu, and this is the minister of the discipline department of the student union. Not that bad The deadlock always has to be broken by someone, but that person must not be me, Ying Xi helped me solve this problem. Hello! I'm Lin Yun's exchange student. My name is Yu Xingchen. I don't know if I laughed too long today. My face is stiff. Fortunately, I have the determination to fight to the end. Exchange student? "Exchange student?" Isn't it obvious what I said? /Do they need to reflect so much? Even if I don't make it clear, you can ask me one by one! It's not like I won't answer! Need to save so much time, two people say at the same time? "Yes!"! Is there something wrong? They don't seem to know the reason for this. You're an exchange student? Why Feng Xuan Yang asked me why first? What? Why? I don't understand? "I stared at him, and with my knowledge of him, he would know the reason why I did not speak." I mean, why do you want to be an exchange student? "In fact, exchange students have always been determined by the school." Uncle Lin helped me answer Feng Xuanyang, and more importantly, Uncle Lin was afraid that he would see the flaw,Narrow aisle rack, so he simply helped me answer. No one thought that Uncle Lin's answer was their silence. Why didn't they ask me if I was Yi Ruoyu? Instead of its calm, what does this indicate? Still smiling, I looked at all the people around me. Their silence made me feel very uneasy. I didn't know if I had shown anything suspicious, let alone what they thought. The only thing I could do was to be quiet. You know the rules of exchange students, because they are excellent students selected from other schools, so they must stay in the student union. The headmaster began to explain some things about the exchange students to Jin Shengyu, which meant that I had passed the test smoothly. I know,Narrow aisle rack, but.. I don't know what this Yu Xingchen classmate thinks? After answering the headmaster's words, Jin Shengyu began to send bids to me. Ideas What idea? I don't understand what he meant by that. Is the idea of joining the student union? He approached me step by step, and slowly I could feel his breathing was very even. Follow the instructions of the president. Answer with a smile, but the smile is very unnatural, I do not know if they have noticed. All right then! This is my assistant Ying Xi, you have met, also know, you help her! "Yes!" What? I am now an assistant's assistant. If it gets out, I will be laughed to death. I am an exchange student, and I came to Shenggao to be an assistant's assistant. Hey! Forget it, as long as I can get through safely, I can give up anything? It's good to be Yingxi's assistant, Pallet rack beams ,heavy duty warehouse rack, otherwise I might really finish playing! "56" Action of Seeking Rain ① I ask myself: Will the sky accept the sea flowing to the sky? I don't know. Looking at the sky, the blue of the sky is the same as the blue of the sea-that is to say, the sky receives the sea and merges together? /I hope.. The story doesn't have an ending ~, but reaches its climax. Although I have succeeded in making everyone believe that I am Yu Xingchen, Lin Yun's exchange student, and more successfully entered the student union. Relaxed feeling is out of the question, but the heart lightened a burden, looking at the sky, I feel that the cloud is really like what Ewin Wittier wrote. Clouds are common, but they are relaxed and fragmentary, and the flowing clouds are dancing in the air from time to time, as if they were smiling or slightly drunk. It is rare to have a stiff, livid face that wants to demonstrate to anyone. I like that feeling, like the soft white edge, golden gray, round and high clouds. Like cotton candy. After leaving the Academic Affairs Office and sending Uncle Lin away, I knew I was going to start my courage adventure, and I would work hard, because now Yu Xingchen has completely changed. If.. Nope Where are we going now? "Ying Xi, you must remember that you can't call me Ruoyu any more. If you know it, you will be miserable." In fact, sometimes I'm not used to the name I've lost for a long time, but I can't help it. If it's known, my plan will be all over. Oh, I know. I'll be careful. "Yes." I smiled again, in fact, smile more, that smile seems to have become a habit of mine, now do not smile to let me feel strange? "Now we're going there?" Ying Xi then asked me, in fact, I am her assistant, now it seems that she has become my assistant, anyway, we are not separated from each other! "I'm anxious to go to the student union." Not to mention that Ying Xi would understand that my original purpose of entering Shenggao was to enter the student union. All right, I'll take you there before you get lost again. This is the student union I have often set foot in, everything is the same, has not changed, the only change may be that the mood here! The archives is under the jurisdiction of the student union, even the principal has no right to ask, let alone look at the student's files, perhaps because of this,warehouse rack manufacturer, the designers who created the archives will connect the archives city with the student union, but only the president of the student union can directly view the students'files, so the only way to the archives is in the office of the president of You can only go to the archives room if you enter the office of the president of the student union. There's someone in there. Ying Xi saw the door open slightly and told me softly to step back. Who What's up The people inside seemed to discover our existence and began to speak to us. omracking.com


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