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Original title: How to wear a bra correctly, the correct method and steps of wearing a bra The beauty of the chest lies not only in how to enlarge the breast

Original title: How to wear a bra correctly, the correct method and steps of wearing a bra The beauty of the chest lies not only in how to enlarge the breast, how to become bigger, how to shape the delicate and stylish chest line, but also how to maintain the beauty of the chest. If you want the bust line to be beautiful, it involves the wearing of the bra! You might say that every woman wears a bra. But can you really wear a bra properly? Be careful that the wrong way to wear a bra will ruin the beauty of your bust line! Let's talk about how women wear bras correctly and how to do it. 1) First, relax and stand in front of the mirror, pass the shoulder strap through your arms and put it on your shoulders. 2) Lean your upper body forward slightly,tailor measure tape, press the underwire bottom edge of the bra with both hands, and gently move it from the stomach to the root of the breast bulge, so that the breast is completely covered in the cup. Expand the full text 3) Then slide your hands to both sides along the bottom edge of the bra to the back,personalized tape measure, and fasten the hook. Continue to relax and lean forward. Hold one hand under the underwire, and reach the other hand into the cup, starting from the back to the armpit, to completely pull in the fat and pectoral muscles above and around the cup, and then adjust the shoulder straps. 4) Check whether the underwire of the bra is close to the root of the breast bulge. Because the steel ring plays the role of supporting, fixing and shaping. Once the situation of oppression is found, bra measuring tape ,seamstress measuring tape, the second time should be carried out to avoid fat loss, smaller chest, more fat in the stomach and abdomen. Then look at whether the size of the cup is appropriate, if there is pressure and cutting shape, indicating that the cup of the bra is small, the cup level is not deep enough, then be sure to replace a slightly larger cup model. Finally, check whether the shoulder straps of the bra are properly adjusted, whether the bottom edge is moderately tight, whether there is a tendency to move up and slide when lifting the hand, whether its back position is below the butterfly bone, and whether the front heart position is in the middle. The basic standard of underwear with good upper body effect: Write at the end, of course, first of all, you have to have your own bra, including the size, function, style and color of the bra, and then follow this article to wear the bra correctly. Ok, the above knowledge can be used as a reference when wearing. Source | Network Editor | Test WeChat Platform ID: testbbs Declarations: 1. Part of the graphic information comes from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement,bespoken tape measure, it shall be informed in time and deleted after verification; ⊙ Note: If you reprint the original content of this platform/edit articles or directly quote the content of this platform, please indicate the source: test (WeChat ID: testbbs), infringement will be prosecuted. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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