is tiktok used for cheating

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Social networks can become a weapon for scammers, criminals or cheaters who use cheat instead of promotion. This will not allow creating a safe atmosphere for users, which means that the image of the service will be lower than ever.

Of course, in such an atmosphere, firstly, the growth of the site's audience will be very slow, and secondly, such a resource is unlikely to last long and will not be closed by the government for violating the law. Let's talk about the rules of TikTok, one of the rapidly developing communication tools in recent years.

Tik Tok's posting rules are, of course, not much different from the community rules of Instagram and other similar sites. However, few people really read what is written in the license agreement and for which they can be banned. So, in short, the rules of Tik Tok in Russian forbid us from doing anything illegal, violating copyrights or using cheat. You can read more about what you can do on TikTok in the settings in the “Community Rules” section.

Of course, I will not be able to cover everything that can be filmed on Tik Tok - despite the fact that there are quite a few bans, you have even more opportunities.

The following is prohibited: Illegal things. Naturally, you cannot promote drug addiction, organizations prohibited by law, and so on. Also, you can not sell substances, bombs, weapons, etc. Of course, this is more of a Telegram sphere, but Tik Tok could have been doing this if they hadn’t been banned for it. If you live in a country, you should roughly understand what can and cannot be done on its territory.

Cruelty and violence. Hard content is not for TT. In particular, the rules prohibit the following: death, description of mutilation, depiction of blood and violence in general. The same words are also relevant in relation to animal life - you can’t offend dogs either. The exception is staged and professional sparring in conditions where there is no real danger and violence.

Dangerous actions towards yourself. Whether self-harm is considered violence is debatable. On the one hand, a person does this to himself, and there are no violent actions. On the other hand, this does not negate the fact that we see cruelty on the screen. Therefore, the service put a checkmate and banned all dangerous actions in relation to itself, as well as instructions on self-harm, suicide and their propaganda.

Suicidal content can only be published as supportive content about how to overcome suicidal thoughts. Hatred. You must not post videos that incite hatred towards anyone. Also, of course, you can not threaten violence or harm. I would list which groups we cannot go through in our words and actions, however, everything is included there: from racial affiliation to disability.

So, if you made a video where you call someone a down, you may be blocked. Harassment and bullying. These words apply both to clips with threats and videos where people bully someone. It doesn't matter if you speak Russian or English, if there are people who understand that you are saying something wrong, they can complain about you. Erotica and sex. It cannot be described or shown.

Fetishes are also prohibited. Of course, you should not show clips with minors either. The minimum age for users is 13 and your content must meet this limit. Fraud with money, financial pyramids, bookmakers and more. If it's not about selling all sorts of cute things, adding a money element to your profile is not at all worth it.

Copyright infringement. Plagiarism is prohibited in all spheres of human life. Especially on Tik Tok.

Cheat and bots. The service does not like cheaters who receive likes, views and comments in a dishonest way.

Spam. You cannot send out the same messages in huge numbers, for example. Everyone who uses the Internet knows what the word "spammer" means, and no explanation is needed.