Design tools every marketer should use to create content for Instagram

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Are you a Marketer struggling to find design tools that can help you with designing Instagram content for your brand? Dive in to learn more!

We're now living in 2023 and in the last few years, Instagram has become incredibly popular for content creation. Great visuals and extraordinary features have made Instagram popular. It focuses on graphics such as images and videos. It has made its way for marketers to explore and gain customers by targeting their specific audience. In order to make a great deal out of it marketers also need to focus on the visuals of their posts and designs, to be more effective. There are innumerable problems brands face while creating content and content designs. 

The quality of content needs to be served right, that is the most crucial thing. The first thing the audience notices is the quality of your visual content and designs and you do not want to mess with it. While thinking of what might interest a viewer, you first need to get into their shoes. Think of it as a viewer first, what might interest you? An eye-catching image, the text or simply the whole design? Your answer would be, all of it. 

Instagram is one of the cheapest ways of marketing now, with literally a decent amount of expenditure you can reach hundreds of potential customers. It is way faster than any other marketing strategy. Let us drive you into design tools every marketer should use to create content for Instagram and make your brand noticeable. 

Best design tools to create content for Instagram 

Both online graphic tools and desktop graphic editing programs have their essence, and they can be mastered quickly. All these tools have the potential to become a vital marketing tool in your armoury, to drive traffic to your brand's page. You can also seek help from an expert, who can guide you well and even design it for you. Several graphic designers provide instagram post design service and can help you achieve the desired outcome. Here is the list of some tools:


Gen-Zs might cringe about the very famous Adobe Photoshop, but when we talk about the best design tools and software it still tops the list. It holds the leverage of photo editing and designing, it's the classic and still the best at doing its job. 

Starting as a newbie you might struggle because it requires professional training and skills and once you have mastered the tool, it takes no time for you to design an exemplary design. Contrary to this fact, a graphic designer can do it for you as they're professionally trained and can drive traffic more effectively. Photoshop gives exposure to versatility.


When we talk about Instagram content design, Canva is the most used tool, not only for Instagram but also for other social media content. Canva is a dynamic and dimensional tool yet simple and powerful for designing. Canva has hundreds of thousands of free templates which makes designing effortless for beginners. It also has customizable templates for professional graphic designers for creating their designs and even editing a template. The drag-and-drop option does the editing seamlessly and takes minimum effort. 

Not just designing post images and infographics, it is also great for designing thumbnails. Huge dimensions are provided by Canva, but it also gives you the flexibility to choose custom dimensions as well. It's an amazing video editing tool as well, for social media and that makes Canva stand out from other tools. 

Canva is a versatile tool it provides free as well as premium access, 75 million plus premium images, videos and elements for you to explore if you subscribe to the paid version. 


Next is, none other than Snappa. One cannot just stop counting the best designing tools without mentioning Snappa in the list. Snappa basically is a stock of 5+ million photos. Graphics, texts, images, effects, drag and drop editor, etc, when added to the photo elevates the design. 

The only drawback of snappa's free version is, it only supports two social accounts, but at the same time, you can still make a lot out of it. One of the coolest features this tool has is it can magically remove the background from an image with just a click, though other tools offer the same feature but snappy takes a single click. It can make your product's unprofessionally clicked picture look well-captured. 

However, Snappa is solely a photo editing tool and so it doesn't edit videos.


When you think of a design tool, low-key you want a tool that does everything or has all the required features so you don't have to run from one tool to another. Desygner is one such tool, primarily it does everything such as professional templates, drag and drop designer, royalty-free images, etc. This assures that you'll never run out of images to use. 

Something that makes Desygner stand out from the rest is its automatic resizing option. Desygner offers to resize the design according to the social media platforms on which the post is going live in a single click, for instance, Instagram has a restricted size for photo posts. Desygner automatically resizes it for Instagram without doing much to the settings. 

Not just Instagram posts, it also lets you upload and edit PDF files. B2B businesses often struggle with uploading PDFs on platforms like LinkedIn, it helps with it as well which makes it even more adaptable. 

With literally minimum time this tool helps you design not only impressive infographics but also thumbnails for Instagram videos as well, which makes it versatile. 


Easelly basically is an Infographic focussed tool, if you want high-quality infographics for your Instagram posts, easelly is the most promising design tool. To start with it's the best design tool so far as it's completely free and doesn't require a sign-in, although if you want premium access to more features you have to subscribe to paid plans. 

Accessing Easelly is effortless, as you only have to select a template from the stock of infographic templates from its website and start designing or editing your text and data. The principal part of Easelly is that it has a huge supply of illustrations, icons, charts, and elements, that can drag and drop onto infographic design to further personalize it. You can then land the link.


Initially, you don't have to be an artist to figure out how to create content for Instagram that is creative and visually appealing for your brand. In fact, you just need an effective design tool that can be put through your imagination. 

For a speedy creation of an Instagram image post, Stencil cannot be defeated. It's known for its speed and comes fully loaded with 4+ million stock photos, thousand-plus templates, three thousand plus google web fonts and two plus million icons and graphics. You also get access to add texts, effects, filters and logos or watermarks. 

If that doesn't satisfy your requirements you can also upload it from your media. The free account does restrict you to some extent, that it only allows ten images a month but you can upgrade to the premium version for more features depending on your needs.

Summing Up 

Since there are a lot of design tools available, a marketer should have the skills to create effective content to drive more traffic to the page. Because the success rate of a marketing drive depends mostly on the type of content you post and the tools you use to design those posts matter a lot. To make the process easier yet effective make the most of them.