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Build your own social network for your community effortlessly, without the need for technical expertise. Achieve this in no time, at a flexible and affordable price.

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Every social network we launch is a node of Web4.

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Linkspreed presents

Social Networks as a Service

No matter if you're a company, an organization, or an individual - we have the perfect network for you!

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • And many other possibilities
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Tailored to your community

An interest-based Timeline

On your platform, you are the moderator and determine the purpose of your own social network.

  • All features of common networks available
  • Only content that resonates with your community
  • Perfect for free advertising and news
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A secure way to ...

Chat & Call

From livestreams and phone calls to chatting and sharing posts and stories, you can use our software for everything without any additional cost and offer it to your users as well.

  • Chats (also AI)
  • Voice / Video Calls
  • Livestreams
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AI + Social Networks = Web4

At Linkspreed, we're crafting the future with Web4. Build a social network with us, and you're not just creating a platform – you're a key node in the evolution of a free and limitless Internet.


Companies connect their customers, engage in marketing, and establish interest-based networks.


Organizations and parties can escape shadow banning with us, strengthening their freedom of expression or showcasing interesting projects.


Individuals can create their own social networks for hobbies, friend groups, or schools, universities, and more.

And even more possibilities!

Opennet vs. Intranet

Build a community, open or closed. Use the network as your private Intranet or let it be a wide-open Opennet. It works for personal or business use, no limits — your license stays the same!

A simple software without complexity. Easy to use and configure without code. Web4 is made for everyone.

Maximilian Software Developer

A great team behind Linkspreed who always supports us with the software in our company.

Sophia Product Manager

From founder to founder, you can exchange ideas wonderfully with the management level of Linkspreed UG.

Rafael Founder

Excellent for events where you only want to have a social network temporarily for guests.

Elena Event Manager

Web4 strengthens our small community and has successfully connected over 2000 residents with each other.

Alejandro City Marketing

I believe that this concept behind Web4 can create new jobs in community management.

Luca Community Management

As a developer, I have never had to write a single line of code for Web4. Actually a very cool project.

Aisha Developer

Customer retention has increased by 65% in the last 2 months and loyalty has grown without cashback.

Isabella Business Consulting

The app for Android & iOS will be available soon!

For a minimal setup fee, you will soon receive your own Android and iOS versions.